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Rhino Shield Wisconsin - Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Reveals Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology

Jay Mariano of Rhino Shield Wisconsin provides a detailed look at the company’s ceramic coating solutions and their commercial applications Designed with demanding commercial applications in mind, Rhino Shield’s products are equally suited to both industrial and commercial needs, as well as those of residential clients, according to Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Jay Mariano. Guaranteed to […]

Rhino Shield Wisconsin - Recent Client Feedback

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Founder Shares Recent Client Feedback

Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner and founder Jay Mariano highlights recent testimonials from a number of delighted customers.   Two decades in the making, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s painstakingly formulated ceramic coating technology—which is guaranteed to last, guaranteed to save time and money, and proven to reduce energy costs—is delighting customers across the board. The company’s owner […]

Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Jay Mariano offers a closer look at the business

Jay Mariano, owner of Rhino Shield Wisconsin, provides a closer, behind the scenes look at operations at the revolutionary statewide wall coating company. A leader in America’s premium wall coating sector, Rhino Shield has enjoyed impressive and consistent growth, year-on-year, since its inception close to two decades ago. Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Jay Mariano offers a closer look […]

Rhino Shield Wisconsin introduces Super Shield roof coating system

Rhino Shield Wisconsin explains the benefits of its proprietary roof coating system versus traditional roof replacement. Ideal for virtually any roofing substrate and any roofing slope, Super Shield from Rhino Shield Wisconsin offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional roof replacement. That’s according to Jay Mariano, owner and founder of Rhino Shield Wisconsin, as he shares more […]