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Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield - Tips for Protecting Homes
Rhino Shield – Tips for Protecting Homes

The winter months are finally upon us, and Rhino Shield wants to help everyone in Wisconsin protect their homes over the holiday season.


At the heart of Rhino Shield is a commitment to best in class customer service, designing a product to eliminate the need for continuous painting, and to help our customers throughout the state learn more about their homes and invest in products that will ultimately make their lives better.


For decades, Rhino Shield has been serving the great people of Wisconsin, and we are looking forward to many many more great years ahead of us. Here are some of our favorite tips for protecting your home during the winter months.


It’s incredibly important to remember to turn off exterior lines of water around the house.


Pipes can freeze if there is a backup of water still left inside, which can cause burst piping because the frozen water expands deep inside. You can easily begin by disconnecting all garden hoses and draining the water out of the exterior faucets before it gets too cold. It will be important to remember this for homes that are over ten years old. Another tip Rhino Shield recommends is leaving one faucet in the house on a slow drip when it gets cold out so that your pipes don’t freeze in the evening time.  


Don’t forget to also call a professional to drain your lawn irrigation system, this will help with preventing any pipes from freezing as well. Making sure that you keep pipes will clear of water will prevent a headache in the future.


As it starts to get colder, it’s important to remember to have someone check out your heating system in case any repairs are needed. Find a technician who can inspect your furnace or heating unit to make sure that the entire system is clean and in good working order so that the heating system can achieve its full potential. Rhino Shield also recommends doing this, so that you can get an annual check-up to make sure that there isn’t a carbon monoxide leak. It’s important to call and schedule an appointment sooner than later because it will get increasingly more busy and difficult to book an appointment during the holidays.

The winter months can be difficult on your home and Rhino Shield is happy to be here an help. To learn more about our incredible products and connect with Rhino Shield today, click here.  

Rhino Shield Wisconsin - technology featured

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Uses the Latest Technology

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Uses the Latest Technology


Rhino Shield Wisconsin - Ceramic Coating
Rhino Shield Wisconsin – Ceramic Coating

At the heart of Rhino Shield Wisconsin is our pioneering use of ceramic nanotechnology in exterior coating systems.

This technology is a game-changer for Rhino Shield Wisconsin,  specifically, the use of ceramic microspheres. Invented in the 1940’s by NACA (the predecessor to NASA) as an outgrowth from the manufacturing of solid ceramic beads, ceramic microspheres are solid globes with rigid ceramic walls.

Using microspheres made from ceramics. Rhino Shield Wisconsin provides the benefit of high heat and UV ray resistance like all ceramic products.

A proprietary characteristic of Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s ceramic technology is the microspheres themselves. Having a crucial role in the success of Rhino Shield products, using the highest quality ceramics with low breakage rate, low thermal conductivity, and consistent spherical shape. Since our microspheres are symmetrically shaped (all round) but irregular in size (they measure in density between 0.125 g/cc to .60 g/cc), they pack together extremely tightly when coated to a surface.

Essentially, the smaller spheres pack the tight spaces between the larger spheres. As a result, more microspheres may be packed together to increase the thickness of Rhino Shield Wisconsin coating. Thus providing insulation benefits and coating durability.

Conversely, traditional paints use cheap mineral products as fillers. Such as calcium carbonate that can be irregular in shape and size. These less expensive fillers cannot pack tightly to a wall and result in a dry thin coating. This ultimately leads to paint break down over time.


Rhino Shield Wisconsin Ceramic Coating

Finally, our ceramic microspheres lower thermal conductivity and act as acoustic insulators. The ceramic formulation of the spheres reflects harmful solar UV rays resulting in a lower wall surface temperature. Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s independently tested high Solar Reflectance Index is proof positive of Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s UV lower thermal conductivity. This leads to remarkable energy savings year after year.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin ceramic coating system is the wall coating product of the future. Quickly becoming the benchmark for creating a meaningful product that lasts. Do not settle for paint or an inexpensive imitation performance coating, choose Rhino Shield Wisconsin. No matter where you’re at in Wisconsin, Rhino Shield is confident our ceramic coating is the best system to protect you from the outside elements.

Having installed Rhino Shield on homes across Wisconsin, Rhino Shield can’t wait to expand even more. In conclusion to learn more about Rhino Shield Wisconsin Ceramic coating, connect with them here.

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Rhino Shield of Wisconsin Covers Local TV Hosts Home

Rhino Shield of Wisconsin Covers Local TV Hosts Home

After being on the fence about investing in Rhino Shield, Molly Fay, host of The Morning Blend, finally called us and the cameras were rolling while we worked on her home in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.


Rhino Shield
Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield, a longtime supporter of TMJ4 and The Morning Blend, jumped at the chance to help one of our favorite talk show hosts!

Molly’s house consisted of brick, cedar, hardi board, wood, and aluminum siding. Needless to say, this job was a breeze, and Rhino enjoyed helping Molly every step of the way. Therefore, Molly chose to have her house painted all white with black doors, shutters, and accents, and it turned out absolutely fantastic.


After launching in 2000, Rhino Shield has successfully installed on more than 30,000 properties to date. With a mixture of businesses and residential homes like Molly Fay’s, Rhino Shield of Wisconsin is proud to be a versatile and family-friendly company. Like our ceramic coating technology, Rhino Shield plans on having a presence in Wisconsin all year long, servicing homes, condos, commercial buildings, and churches across the country.


With a thickness 10x greater than that of paint, Rhino Shield comes with a 25-year warranty you will almost certainly never have to use. Molly’s home is now waterproof and fully insulated with a protective coating on the outside. Virtually maintenance free, and one of the top 5 dealers in Wisconsin for customer satisfaction, Rhino of Wisconsin has an A+ rating with the BBB, along with 5-star ratings on Google, A+ ratings on Angie’s List, among a myriad of other great ratings.    


Furthermore, Rhino takes care of everything from prepping the house, power washing, replacing rotten wood, scraping and sanding. With nationally recognized technicians, rest assured that the Rhino Shield coating will be applied by the very best in Wisconsin. Rhino Shield of Wisconsin services the entire state. Their coating solution is perfect for the following locations:

  • Cedar
  • Hardi Board
  • Stucco, Block
  • Brick, Masonite
  • Cement board
  • Wood, Aluminum
  • and Vinyl Siding.


Sometimes the cameras have a way of working magic. (Rhino Shield)


Along with these services, Rhino can also handle walls, trim, window, door frames, gutters. Along with downspouts, also doors and shutters as well. With almost any color available, Rhino is the perfect choice to make sure you never have to paint again.

With thousands of installations completed, Rhino can’t wait to cover even more ground in Wisconsin. In conclusion, to learn more about Rhino Ceramic coating, connect with us here.

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Rhino Shield Wisconsin | Proprietary Ceramic Elastomeric Wall Coating

Rhino Shield Wisconsin | Ceramic Wall Coating

Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Rhino Shield Wisconsin is the leading provider of ceramic coating in their area. Sadly the turn around ratio for business owners in the repair industry is high. We are seeing more shops open and quickly close more than ever before. Unlike most, Rhino Shield Wisconsin has weathered every type of climate and is still serving customers nationwide. With roots in Wisconsin, Rhino Shield established in 2000.

Very much like the local communities, Rhino Shield calls Wisconsin home. They can’t help but appreciate the growth the company has experienced nationally. Growing to become a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry.</span style="font-weight: 300;">

Furthermore, vinyl siding was the only known alternative to the very expensive exterior wall painting. which seemed like a never-ending cycle for businesses and residential owners everywhere. Rhino Shield knew that the key to solving this lied in ceramics, providing quality and stability. Quality brought by the solar ray reflection and a remarkably breathable outer coat. This was the essential trait that all but guaranteed what has become known today as Rhino.

Rhino Shield has partnered with some of the brightest chemists in the country. Entering a research and development phase that lasted a year. This ensured the integrity of the product was immaculate. Utilizing state of the art polymer ceramic technology, the Rhino Shield method was born. Furthermore, this system is a time-tested creation by the best leading labs included the famous BASF.


Make Coating Easier with Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Extensive lab and field testing over a decade have accurately cemented Rhino as industry leader. Moreso, one of the most durable and insulated products on the market to date. Independent dealer applicators are another key element that makes Rhino Shield unique. Helping to create partnerships across the nation. Wisconsin is proud to be apart of that Rhino Shield Wisconsin Legacy.

Rhino has a family view of the world. Equally important, treating each employee and customer as with compassion and integrity. Rhino does this by making sure that each installation has that high-quality ceramic coat. Guaranteed to last.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin is guided by a small set of principles. An honest attitude that they hold themselves accountable to on a daily basis. No matter where you are in Wisconsin. No matter what home or business you have, Rhino Shield is here to help. With our ceramic coating is the best system to protect you from the outside elements.

In conclusion, to learn more and connect with Rhino, click here.