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Rhino Shield Wisconsin - Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Reveals Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology

Jay Mariano of Rhino Shield Wisconsin provides a detailed look at the company’s ceramic coating solutions and their commercial applications

Rhino Shield Wisconsin
Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Designed with demanding commercial applications in mind, Rhino Shield’s products are equally suited to both industrial and commercial needs, as well as those of residential clients, according to Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Jay Mariano. Guaranteed to last, saving money and time, and demonstrated to reduce energy costs, Mariano provides a closer look at the company’s numerous ceramic coating solutions.

“Rhino Shield’s wall and roof coating systems are suited to almost any commercial building application,” suggests Mariano, “largely thanks to the tremendous durability afforded by the product.”

“Nothing compares,” he continues, “to our systems and their ability to provide long-term protection, from condos to workplaces, and perfectly addressing the challenges of all manner of different climates and weather conditions.”

Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s variety of product formulas is guaranteed not to chip, crack, or peel, says Mariano, while simultaneously offering superior UV ray reflectivity, corrosion resistance, and waterproofing. “Ending the traditional repainting cycle, Rhino Shield’s elastomeric ceramic wall and roof coating systems also put a stop to interruptions to a company or organization’s day-to-day business activities by negating ongoing or restorative maintenance,” he adds.

Mariano’s company’s products also boast a number of eco-friendly credentials, being non-toxic, low-odor, non-flammable, and containing low VOCs, according to independent testing carried out by chemical industry leader BASF Group’s laboratories.

Key benefits for commercial clients of selecting Rhino Shield Wisconsin include longevity of the finish, superior breathability and solar reflectance, and unrivaled waterproofing, according to Mariano. “Our special resins and binders result in a tough but flexible surface, while Rhino Shield’s permeability still allows for the escape of damaging condensation and water vapors,” he adds.

Furthermore, says Mariano, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s ceramic formulas lower wall and roof surface temperatures via the reflection of the sun’s unrelenting solar rays, saving on often significant costs tied to cooling and air conditioning.

Sealing and preventing water penetration, Rhino Shield’s coating systems can be seen installed on retail stores, fast food outlets, universities, churches, hotels, condominiums, and government buildings across America. “Notable past Rhino Shield clients include the U.S. Government, NASCAR, and Firestone Tires, among many other big names,” adds Mariano, wrapping up.

To learn more about how Rhino Shield Wisconsin and Jay Mariano can assist clients with their commercial wall and roof coating needs, or to receive a quote, call 844-744-6684 or visit https://rhinoshieldwis.com/.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin - Recent Client Feedback

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Founder Shares Recent Client Feedback

Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner and founder Jay Mariano highlights recent testimonials from a number of delighted customers.


Rhino Shield Wisconsin
Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Two decades in the making, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s painstakingly formulated ceramic coating technology—which is guaranteed to last, guaranteed to save time and money, and proven to reduce energy costs—is delighting customers across the board. The company’s owner and founder, Jay Mariano, looks over several recent reviews submitted by some of the firm’s abundance of happy clients.


“Our wall and roof coating solutions are designed to grace homes and other buildings, whether residential, commercial, or industrial,” explains Mariano, “and the testimonials and feedback which we receive every week from our delighted customers are a testament to what we do here at Rhino Shield Wisconsin.”


Mariano starts by highlighting a review from recent customer Anna. “It was an extreme pleasure having the Rhino Shield Wisconsin crew transforming our home from old to amazing!” she reveals. “They did a beautiful job, and we could not be happier! Thank you, Rhino Shield, for your amazing product and crew!” adds the delighted Rhino Shield Wisconsin client.


“After researching we decided to try Rhino Shield Wisconsin in hopes of not having to paint every few years,” reveals another customer, Monty, of his own recent experience. “They were an absolute pleasure to work with; any questions we had were addressed immediately, and they replaced all rotten wood, really taking pride in their work. It turned out beautifully, and I would highly recommend them!” he adds.


Meanwhile, another delighted Rhino Shield Wisconsin customer, Keith, goes on, “Rhino Shield just finished up my home, and I couldn’t be happier. Superb! Paid attention to detail and made sure that my property was spotless before leaving. I would highly recommend Rhino Shield Wisconsin.”


Rhino Shield Wisconsin boss Mariano also highlights another recently received review from customer Kenneth. “After painting our house several times with traditional paint, my wife and I decided to go with the long-lasting Rhino Shield process,” he reveals. “The work was completed on time and is absolutely beautiful; our home is now even more stunning than when we first built it in 1988,” Kenneth adds.


A final testimonial provided by recent customer Andrew further goes on to say, “If your house needs to be painted, Rhino Shield is an incredible product, and I highly recommend it if you want a maintenance-free exterior.”


“I would do it all over again without hesitation,” he adds, concluding Jay Mariano’s highlighted reviews, “and will recommend Rhino Shield Wisconsin in the future to all of my family and friends. I can’t wait to show off the results!”


To learn more about Rhino Shield Wisconsin, please head to https://rhinoshieldwis.com/ or call 844-744-6684.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Jay Mariano offers a closer look at the business

Jay Mariano, owner of Rhino Shield Wisconsin, provides a closer, behind the scenes look at operations at the revolutionary statewide wall coating company.

A leader in America’s premium wall coating sector, Rhino Shield has enjoyed impressive and consistent growth, year-on-year, since its inception close to two decades ago. Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Jay Mariano offers a closer look at the technology behind the company, first established in 2000.

“Unfortunately, with many home improvement businesses, it’s often a case of ‘here today’ and ‘gone tomorrow,'” suggests Mariano. At Rhino Shield Wisconsin, however, he says, this simply isn’t how things work. “At Rhino Shield, that’s just not how we operate,” Mariano explains, “as reflected perfectly in the company’s impressive, two-decade history.”

Rhino Shield was founded, according to the firm, with a straightforward goal. “This goal,” reveals Mariano, “was to provide the most long-lasting and durable wall coating product available on the market, capable of ending the traditional, dreaded cycle of painting and repainting, again and again.”

The team behind Rhino Shield subsequently invested more than a year into painstaking research, soon ascertaining that ceramic technology offered the key. “Ceramic technology provided the key not just to durability, but to solar ray reflectivity and additional breathability, too,” suggests Mariano.

It was quickly discovered that breathability, in particular, was an essential characteristic required in order for Rhino Shield to be as effective, durable, and reliable as possible; something which the company guarantees to this day. “Twelve months after research and development started, and after working closely with top chemists and manufacturing partners, the Rhino Shield system was born,” Mariano reveals.

Thoroughly field tested, the product has proven again and again its efficacy in regards to both durability and insulation in the years which have followed, including in tests carried out by leading independent laboratories.

High standards are further maintained thanks to Rhino Shield’s network of only certified applicators. “Our entire team here at Rhino Shield Wisconsin all have significant professional experience in either the painting or coating businesses,” adds Mariano. “What’s more, to really guide our business here in Wisconsin,” he continues, “we subscribe to a straightforward but extremely important set of values.”

These values, says Mariano, include superior ongoing innovation, industry-leading levels of quality control, absolute integrity and honesty, and a commitment to best-in-class customer service.

“We’re confident, then,” he continues, “thanks to an unrelenting focus on product development, and continuous attention to detail, that clients will find Rhino Shield Wisconsin to represent the number one, stand-out company and system for protecting their property or properties from the elements.”

Choose Rhino Shield Wisconsin,” Mariano adds, wrapping up, “and never paint again!”

Rhino Shield Wisconsin introduces Super Shield roof coating system

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Logo

Rhino Shield Wisconsin explains the benefits of its proprietary roof coating system versus traditional roof replacement.

Ideal for virtually any roofing substrate and any roofing slope, Super Shield from Rhino Shield Wisconsin offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional roof replacement. That’s according to Jay Mariano, owner and founder of Rhino Shield Wisconsin, as he shares more about the elastomeric ceramic roof coating system and installation process.

Super Shield ceramic coating may be applied to almost any roofing surface including tile, slate, asphalt shingles, primed metal, aluminum, clay, concrete, and bitumen membranes. “An alternative to highly costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient roof replacement, Super Shield offers largely hassle-free rejuvenation and protection of existing roofs,” explains Mariano.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s ceramic roof coating system, he suggests, both beautifies and offers outstanding protection, restricting the growth of mold and mildew which creates unsightly roof stains. “It’s also easy to clean, is guaranteed not to crack, chip or peel for ten years, and costs much, much less than a typical complete roof replacement,” Mariano adds.

Revolutionary pigment technology designed to reflect solar energy also supports improved power efficiency. “This same pigment technology also allows us to offer Super Shield in a vast array of colors ranging from dark forest green, amber brown, and midnight gray to light golden yellow, red earth, and dried herb,” Mariano reveals.

Regarding improved energy efficiency, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s roof coating system is listed as an Energy Star designated product. Energy Star is a voluntary program launched by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Now managed by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Star helps businesses and individuals to save money and protect the environment via superior energy efficiency, according to the program.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin is also an approved Energy Star partner. “What’s more, further to the primary benefits and Energy Star designation, Super Shield products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and applied with conventional professional installation equipment,” explains Rhino Shield Wisconsin boss Mariano.

All of Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s Super Shield products are, he says, also manufactured in a cutting edge U.S. facility which has been producing premium roof coatings since 1964. “This affords us with an industry-leading level of control over our products,” Mariano adds, wrapping up, “whereby which we can ensure that quality remains not just incredibly high, but also extremely consistent, too.”

To learn more about Super Shield and Rhino Shield Wisconsin, please head to http://rhinoshieldwis.com/.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Provides Insight Into Growing Product Range

Jay Mariano of Rhino Shield Wisconsin takes a closer look at the company’s growing range of coating solutions.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin
Rhino Shield Wisconsin

From its Adhesive Primer Sealer to its Durable Finish Coat, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s range has expanded over recent years to include a still-growing collection of coating solutions which also now features Rhino-Clear and Nature’s Cote. Owner and founder of the innovative Wisconsin-based coating business, Jay Mariano offers an exclusive insight into the brand’s impressive range of products.

At Rhino Shield Wisconsin, our elastomeric ceramic exterior wall coating systems are ideal for virtually any building material including wood, stucco, brick, and block,” explains Mariano. The company’s products, he says, are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and typically applied with conventional professional painting equipment.

“All of our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility with industry-leading quality controls to ensure consistent product standards,” adds Mariano, who also points out that Rhino Shield has now been manufacturing premium coatings since 1964.

“From our Self Priming Coat to our Red-Iron Metal Primer, we take coatings innovation incredibly seriously,” the Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner continues, “constantly researching and continuously improving our product formulas in order to achieve the superior quality and performance which our customers have come to expect over the years.”

This commitment has led to recent innovations such as Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s super-breathable Self Priming Coat and Protective Finish Coat systems for extreme northern climates. “Furthermore, we just recently launched our ten-year system which we’ve called Ceramic One Coat,” Mariano reveals. “More cost-effective than ever, yet loaded with ceramics, Ceramic One Coat has filled a need as a more price conscious but still ceramic-based, high-performance coating solution,” he adds.

Ceramic One Coat, says Rhino Shield Wisconsin, is a superior exterior ceramic paint formulated with ceramic microspheres and top-grade acrylic resins, and boasting an industry-leading pigment content. Designed to offer insulation, waterproofing, and excellent coverage, the self-priming product is intended as a one-coat-only, thick application, according to the company, which is based in the Milwaukee metropolitan area city of Brookfield.

Other notable products offered by Rhino Shield Wisconsin include its Red-Iron Metal Primer, Nature’s Cote, and Rhino-Clear.

“Our Red-Iron Metal Primer is designed to prepare metal and help encapsulate and slow down the growth of existing rust,” explains Mariano of the product, which he says is also more environmentally friendly than traditional red iron oxide formulas. “Nature’s Cote, meanwhile,” he continues, “is a high-performance interior ceramic paint, formulated to offer unmatched durability compared to traditional paints on the market, particularly in terms of abrasion resistance.”

Lastly, Mariano touches on Rhino-Clear. “A clear-coat waterproofing sealer, Rhino-Clear protects, waterproofs, and beautifies most surfaces while decreasing the growth of mold, mildew, and algae,” he explains, wrapping up, “on porous, non-porous, and previously painted surfaces alike.”

For more information about Rhino Shield Wisconsin or to get in touch, please head to http://rhinoshieldwis.com/.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin - featured 1

Rhino Shield of Wisconsin Wins the Gold Quality Award for Customer Service

Rhino Shield of Wisconsinhas built their company on providing best in class customer service. They are excited to announce that they have won the Gold Quality Award for 5-star ratings across the board on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List and the BBB. 

For Rhino Shield of Wisconsin, shattering stereotypes is a daily goal. After a decade of experience and thousands of installations later, Being number one in customer service is still their biggest achievement.

“The team at Rhino Shield of Wisconsin is humbled and grateful to receive the Gold Quality Award for customer service,” explained the General Manager of Rhino Shield of Wisconsin. “We also took home the award for the most consecutive installations in 2018, with over 3,000 successful jobs installing the superior Rhino Shield product, more than any other Rhino Shield branch throughout the United States.”

Heralded by industry leaders and customers alike as the greatest innovation to hit the paint market in decades, Rhino Shield of Wisconsin prides themselves on delivering technology infused service to every client, large or small. 

Over the years, as Rhino Shield of Wisconsin continued to grow, they never lost sight of the two goals that have driven them from day one; to provide customers with a superior painting solution that will help them to never paint again, and to make sure that they were the leaders in customer service every single year. 

“The harsh winters in Wisconsin can bring up to 40 inches of snow in the south and 160 inches of snow in the north, and with extreme weather changes throughout the year, offering our clients a better painting solution with best in class customer service is something we take seriously,” explained the General Manager of Rhino Shield of Wisconsin. “We love our clients and the communities we serve, and their satisfaction drives us to be better every single day.” 

Customer service is so important to Rhino Shield of Wisconsin they have already looked past the Gold Quality Award and our focusing on the clients right in front of them. 

To learn more about the superior customer service Rhino Shield of Wisconsin can offer you and your business, connect with them here.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Discusses Repainting Projects

It’s the perfect time to start thinking about home repair projects now that the weather will be clearing up in Wisconsin. Rhino Shield discusses the importance of repainting. 

With thousands of installations completed right here in Wisconsin, Rhino Shield Wisconsin understands just how important it is to protect your home or business with the very best products in the industry. Using Rhino Shield’s innovative products guarantees a return on your investment by saving time and money. Their innovative products will help your home retain it’s beautiful finish and value with an industry best warranty of 25 years. Rhino Shield Wisconsin provides the very best paint to fight against the harsh winters in Wisconsin. 

Another great benefit of choosing Rhino Shield for your next paint job is an increase in your property value, since our warranty can be transferred to whomever purchases your property. This is also a motivating factor for potential buyers especially because of the harsh winters in Wisconsin and how well Rhino Shield stands up to the elements. 

With so much talk about the environment, Rhino Shield Wisconsin set out to create an eco-friendly paint that will hold up under any condition, especially the harsh weather in Wisconsin. As proud members of the Wisconsin Green Building Coalition, Rhino Shield Wisconsin is continuing the tradition of using earth-friendly paints that will keep your home and business well maintained for years to come.

Industry experts will tell you that you should repaint your home and business every 5-10 years. This can become very costly, especially if you are using the wrong paint and products which can cause property damage and end up harming your property in the long run. Let the pros of Rhino Shield Wisconsin provide you with an estimate and help you understand the condition of your home and business so you won’t need painting for the next 25 years. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to call a Rhino Shield expert and have your home inspected. To learn more and to connect with Rhino Shield of Wisconsin, click here.

Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield Offers Tips for Protecting Homes

Rhino Shield - Tips for Protecting Homes
Rhino Shield – Tips for Protecting Homes

The winter months are finally upon us, and Rhino Shield wants to help everyone in Wisconsin protect their homes over the holiday season.


At the heart of Rhino Shield is a commitment to best in class customer service, designing a product to eliminate the need for continuous painting, and to help our customers throughout the state learn more about their homes and invest in products that will ultimately make their lives better.


For decades, Rhino Shield has been serving the great people of Wisconsin, and we are looking forward to many many more great years ahead of us. Here are some of our favorite tips for protecting your home during the winter months.


It’s incredibly important to remember to turn off exterior lines of water around the house.


Pipes can freeze if there is a backup of water still left inside, which can cause burst piping because the frozen water expands deep inside. You can easily begin by disconnecting all garden hoses and draining the water out of the exterior faucets before it gets too cold. It will be important to remember this for homes that are over ten years old. Another tip Rhino Shield recommends is leaving one faucet in the house on a slow drip when it gets cold out so that your pipes don’t freeze in the evening time.  


Don’t forget to also call a professional to drain your lawn irrigation system, this will help with preventing any pipes from freezing as well. Making sure that you keep pipes will clear of water will prevent a headache in the future.


As it starts to get colder, it’s important to remember to have someone check out your heating system in case any repairs are needed. Find a technician who can inspect your furnace or heating unit to make sure that the entire system is clean and in good working order so that the heating system can achieve its full potential. Rhino Shield also recommends doing this, so that you can get an annual check-up to make sure that there isn’t a carbon monoxide leak. It’s important to call and schedule an appointment sooner than later because it will get increasingly more busy and difficult to book an appointment during the holidays.

The winter months can be difficult on your home and Rhino Shield is happy to be here an help. To learn more about our incredible products and connect with Rhino Shield today, click here.  

Rhino Shield Wisconsin - technology featured

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Uses the Latest Technology

Rhino Shield Wisconsin Uses the Latest Technology


Rhino Shield Wisconsin - Ceramic Coating
Rhino Shield Wisconsin – Ceramic Coating

At the heart of Rhino Shield Wisconsin is our pioneering use of ceramic nanotechnology in exterior coating systems.

This technology is a game-changer for Rhino Shield Wisconsin,  specifically, the use of ceramic microspheres. Invented in the 1940’s by NACA (the predecessor to NASA) as an outgrowth from the manufacturing of solid ceramic beads, ceramic microspheres are solid globes with rigid ceramic walls.

Using microspheres made from ceramics. Rhino Shield Wisconsin provides the benefit of high heat and UV ray resistance like all ceramic products.

A proprietary characteristic of Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s ceramic technology is the microspheres themselves. Having a crucial role in the success of Rhino Shield products, using the highest quality ceramics with low breakage rate, low thermal conductivity, and consistent spherical shape. Since our microspheres are symmetrically shaped (all round) but irregular in size (they measure in density between 0.125 g/cc to .60 g/cc), they pack together extremely tightly when coated to a surface.

Essentially, the smaller spheres pack the tight spaces between the larger spheres. As a result, more microspheres may be packed together to increase the thickness of Rhino Shield Wisconsin coating. Thus providing insulation benefits and coating durability.

Conversely, traditional paints use cheap mineral products as fillers. Such as calcium carbonate that can be irregular in shape and size. These less expensive fillers cannot pack tightly to a wall and result in a dry thin coating. This ultimately leads to paint break down over time.


Rhino Shield Wisconsin Ceramic Coating

Finally, our ceramic microspheres lower thermal conductivity and act as acoustic insulators. The ceramic formulation of the spheres reflects harmful solar UV rays resulting in a lower wall surface temperature. Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s independently tested high Solar Reflectance Index is proof positive of Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s UV lower thermal conductivity. This leads to remarkable energy savings year after year.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin ceramic coating system is the wall coating product of the future. Quickly becoming the benchmark for creating a meaningful product that lasts. Do not settle for paint or an inexpensive imitation performance coating, choose Rhino Shield Wisconsin. No matter where you’re at in Wisconsin, Rhino Shield is confident our ceramic coating is the best system to protect you from the outside elements.

Having installed Rhino Shield on homes across Wisconsin, Rhino Shield can’t wait to expand even more. In conclusion to learn more about Rhino Shield Wisconsin Ceramic coating, connect with them here.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin (2)

Rhino Shield Helps Businesses throughout Wisconsin

We were amazed at the pace and proficiency that Rhino Shield brought to our renovations. Our buildings look great and we will be recommending Rhino Shield to anyone looking to protect their real estate investment. -Flournoy and Calhoun Realtors 

Rhino Shield’s incredible ceramic wall and roof coating technology systems are often times the most sophisticated option for commercial buildings throughout the state. This is due to the tremendous durability and long-lasting effects of Rhino Shield. With thousands of local installations and even more nationally, nothing compares to Rhino Shield’s long-term protection for any building and business. 

No matter the need, Rhino Shield covers all areas and every type of climate with customized product formulas guaranteed to not crack, chip, or peel while offering superior corrosion resistance, which is especially important in the harsh weather conditions of Wisconsin. With UV ray reflectivity and waterproofing, backed by Rhino Shields industry best 25-year warranty, businesses will never have to paint again. 

One of the major benefits of choosing Rhino Shield as a business is the peace of mind given. With reduced wall coating maintenance costs, businesses can invest in what’s most important to them year round. 

By providing longevity, our elastomeric acrylic resins with urethane binders result in a flexible but tough surface. Rhino Shield’s permeability allows the release of condensation and water vapors crucial to preventing coating breakdowns, providing the most durability on the market. The sun can heat your building and increase energy consumption. Rhino Shield’s ceramic formula lowers your wall surface temperature by reflecting solar rays away from your building, saving in cooling costs through solar reflectance technology throughout the year. 

We hear from customers that marvel at Rhino Shields waterproofing ability to their business. Rhino Shield Wisconsin seals buildings and prevents water penetration that could result in mold, mildew, and cracking. 

You’ll constantly find Rhino Shield installed at numerous retail stores, fast food chains, hotels, universities, and churches worldwide. Rhino Shield is also proud to partner with the government on covering buildings nationally. With clients like Nascar and Firestone Tires, Rhino Shield of Wisconsin is excited to partner with more businesses locally. 

With decades of experience and thousands of installations nationally, Rhino Shield breathes new life into businesses throughout Wisconsin. Whether residential or business, Rhino Shield Wisconsin plans on helping everyone experience our revolutionary product throughout the state. 
To learn more about Rhino Shield Wisconsin, and to connect with us, click here.